And we are live

IndieGoGo campaign has started! Soon more about that, I need some rest now.


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New settlement

Hi girls and guys,

finally some updates. Getting really close to the start of the campaign, so time is precious. But now let’s show you some spoilers from (future) video.

Block textures got some updates, as well as animals:

We abandoned old (code generated and hardcoded) settlement and built a new one. Our settlers did most of the building, but we helped them out (scaffolding isn’t done yet). It looks like a proper settlement now, with houses and campfires and such. Got some nice smithy here….

And our builders started building a defensive wall, since the old one doesn’t exist … we forgot to build one, you see

Well, our settlers wouldn’t accomplish so much without a bunch of good miners and an iron vein:

“Look at me, I look mighty. If only I had a bow…”

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Doors and some candles

Lately we are trying to combine adding models while creating new functionalities. That way we can show you some nice screenshots and we can test if everything works fine. Like rotations. And door rotations.

So, without further ado, here are 2 screenshots taken a minute ago.

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UI framework is done, and few other bits and pieces

Hi girls and guys,

something wonderful has happened, Ivan showed up on Friday with a big smile. Ivan was working on a new framework for our UI, since the old one (framework, not developer) couldn’t cope with my ideas of how our game’s UI should work. And the new framework he created is great. Responsive (if you want it to be), fixed or percentage widths, easily centred or aligned on any side… he needed 4h just to show us about half of features it can support. Really great work.

But, as always, there is actually nothing to show, just logs and a few polygons in simple colours. Slavko will get quick training in the new framework (we ought to give it a name) this  Monday and he’ll probably create a menu or two for starters...

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Some UI changes

… and some pathing/reservations changes

Today’s video show how much can be done in a game in a weeks time, once code foundations are done. And what’s interesting is that the biggest change isn’t quite visible.

I’ve spent 8 work days rearranging how miners, farmers and builders select workplace, approach workplace and reserve block to work. The old way was: miner gets mine task, he reserves one of the blocks to mine and he starts to walk towards that block. And this was good, but not perfect. Why? Imagine 4 miners already mining in a mine far away. 5th miner gets mining task and he reserves a block to work. Those 4 will not mine his reserved block because it’s reserved for him...

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