Things done

The main Engine is done, we have creatures who follow defined tasks, choose workable parts of the task and do them. Creatures track their inventory status, load and unload from storage, they eat and don’t know how to sleep yet. Mining task is done, works great even on large selections, farming, crafting, eating, idle, follow, move.. all those tasks are already done, and all you need is to assign a creature to it. We have 3 task categories, Priority, Normal and Idle, and each creature can have many tasks. Other than that, storage knows what kind of things it accepts, workstations know what they are used for, plants know how to grow, creatures move and path find (slowly), they react on changes in path.

I added Clans in the game (every herd of wildlife is looked at as one clan, or every group of enemies/friends), so now we have Deer Clans, Wolfs and Gorillas. Gorillas, you might ask? Well, it was the first free asset I found in Unity store when searching for any kind of model. All of the clans (herds, groups of creatures) can and will run the same Engine as your settlers. In other words, all of the creatures are capable to follow their own tasks. So when deer will get hungry, they’ll get task to eat grass or your crops if they are close enough. Wolfs will follow leader (haven’t done hunt task yet, so they are just starving now). “Little creatures in the woods whom I haven’t named yet” are going to be able to build their own villages and towers, chop trees to collect resources and follow some AI to build/collect, fetch the best tools…
And this brings us to our new feature, which isn’t usually seen in games. You will get opportunity to, during the night when your settlers sleep, “dream the dream” and suddenly take control of some other clan for the night. While your settlers are sleeping (cause nights can be boring to wait out, especially in early game). Instead of seeing your city and sleeping settlers, you’ll see what those wolves see and instead of building blocks you can herd deer closer to your village, or use wolves to attack bear who is walking nearby and threatening your village. Or maybe you’ll take control over a herd of molls and use them to dig an area for your new castle.

And this is just one of more than few features we already coded or are going to code. Things like gravity and structural integrity (buildings can collapse if built wrong), or new work/skill/research system which will allow you to research how to craft better swords while crafting a sword (some strange concept, ha?). Copy/paste of buildings (with rotate and mirror options). And not just that. Since I’m originally a web developer, I’ll create a connection between the Game and Forum, so you can share your designs on Forum and vote and such. Game won’t be multiplayer for a while now, but why wouldn’t enemy AI use design made by players against you?
I could also expand that to creation of “Dungeons to conquer” which are basically just building design + military with behaviour scripts. So other players can use 10 soldiers to try to steal your gold from your posted dungeon, and if they fail you’ll get their equipment (or even soldiers).