Working on the UI

We made some blueprints, starting organizing it and coding. Yes, pen and paper still rules.

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Things done

The main Engine is done, we have creatures who follow defined tasks, choose workable parts of the task and do them. Creatures track their inventory status, load and unload from storage, they eat and don’t know how to sleep yet. Mining task is done, works great even on large selections, farming, crafting, eating, idle, follow, move.. all those tasks are already done, and all you need is to assign a creature to it. We have 3 task categories, Priority, Normal and Idle, and each creature can have many tasks. Other than that, storage knows what kind of things it accepts, workstations know what they are used for, plants know how to grow, creatures move and path find (slowly), they react on changes in path.

I added Clans in the game (every herd of wildlife is looked at as one clan, or every group...

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Preparing for crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding will start on 25th of November and end sometime in January. I’ll start shipping the game on 20th of December, right before Christmas.

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3, 2, 1, start coding now!

It’s been more than 6 months since we started coding. And for a long time, only proof that our code works was textual output. Just recently I’ve added Voxel world and “Egg heads”. Deer were green cylinders, wolves red, and wolf leader dark red. Corn was represented as simple sticks in the ground.

But everything was functioning properly, settlers were moving, corn appeared out of nothing and started growing, even yielding food. Settlers got hungry and started eating. Deer started eating settlers corn field plants. Wolves are following their leader. And they moved around using simple Pythagorean principle via few lines of code. And, the final touch was the endless map, in all directions.

Looks really plain and empty...

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